Wednesday, 18 November 2015


" Silk " , a micro-minimal prop in the field of science and wonder product of sericulture has lived artifact in the cultural heritage since centuries. Besides it being a incredibly versatile material for semiotic dressing styles and dress material , luxurious hosiery and exotic furnishings , silk has also given its charismatic exude in ethical symphony , traditional beautification and fulfilled the sweet and heart touching social journey .

Indian consumers are becoming more fashion conscious & this will drive the growth further and would continue to set the growth trend for its fashion industry . The Indian fashion industry is a an advantage over other countries as far as its growth prospects are concerned because India is the largest consumer of silk , second - largest silk producing country & third - largest cotton producing country in the world and aso possesses an abundance of talented designers.

Silk beautifies the prettiness . Wear a pure silk attire and turn every festivals of yours into a glorious one . You will perceive a sense of " looking good & feeling great " experience , fulfilling your desire . It works in total comfort and harmony with your body with its stunning grace , beautiful drape , incredible resilience and alluring charm , This minuscule fibre has fascinated the humankind across the world history and is a force to reckon with .

Pure silk is pure fashion ! Today , the world is embracing natural fibres with a vengeance on a two fold objectives ; for a healthy and fashionable wear on one hand and on the other to stretch a helping hand to the poor farmers who produce the natural fibres.

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